Special Strengths


IFC is a boutique communications consultancy for the financial industry --- including trust banking, asset management, capital movement, and more.


Plugged in to the Japanese thought leaders and decision makers, IFC is able to get information while it is still fresh and to influence the consensus as it is being built.
In addition, IFC has good working relations with a wide network of specialist firms overseas that it can call upon for assistance and advice as need be.


IFC’s connections and capabilities have enhanced business results for a wide range of financial-sector clients over the last 18 years --- with more to come.

Why IFC?

IFC is one of few companies in Japan specializing in communications consulting for financial institutions.

IFC has nearly two decades of recognized expertise in the financial/capital market/investment management sectors.

IFC has a well-earned reputation for strategic PR planning, effective media campaigns, and good relations with the media.

IFC is an independent communication consultancy focusing on financial, capital, and investment management.

IFC is well-versed in the real estate, logistics, and commercial facilities sectors.

IFC boasts special expertise in private equity and venture capital operations.

IFC has unparalleled experience working with institutional investors.