Global Real Estate Investment Manager


  • Provided communications consulting for top management
  • Functioned as the Japan desk for the company’s global communications
  • Developed a comprehensive communications plan, including key messages, positioning, and a mission statement, as well as producing marketing materials, the web site, and a company profile
  • Generated a positive environment for the company in Japan
  • Screened prospective tenants, real estate owners, and potential business partners (institutional investors, public authorities, and companies) and implemented specific communications programs in support of each business section’s objectives
  • Developed speaking opportunities at seminars, symposiums, and business association meetings
  • Developed a communications and marketing plan to increase recognition and appeal directly to business targets
  • Utilized IFC’s network to approach pension funds and institutional investors in support of marketing efforts
  • Planned and implemented a crisis communications strategy and system

As a result, the company

  • Saw significantly increased recognition and visibility as a global leader in the industry
  • Achieved increased investment opportunities and expanded market presence
  • Established good relations with business partners, including financial institutions, business corporations, and industry associations
  • Blunted reputation damage in the face of negative events