U.S. Banking Group


  • Developed the communications strategy and plans, including key messages, positioning, and the mission statement, as well as improving the web site, media kits, and marketing materials
  • Built robust relations with senior editors at major media to buttress the company’s standing
  • Cultivated opinion leaders to generate a positive environment for the company
  • Built upon the company’s strengths to develop a unique business model for enhanced trustworthiness
  • Screened potential customers, including financial institutions and pension funds, and implemented specific marketing programs to grow the client’s business in Japan
  • Developed speaking opportunities large and small at seminars, symposiums, and panel discussions

As a result, the company

  • Successfully launched its new financial products in Japan
  • Garnered increased interest and a better understanding of the company, as demonstrated in its media coverage and expanding customer base
  • Successfully raised customer awareness through its published articles and television coverage
  • Was invited to speak to FSA and TSE study committees
  • Was positioned as the leader in its business sector