U.S. Life Insurance Firm


  • Advised on entry into the Japanese market and facilitated both internal and external communications
  • Advised management on establishing good relations with multiple media tiers to facilitate branding and risk management
  • Helped structure a unique business model and provided marketing support by conducting industry-wide surveys, holding educational events, arranging for third-party tie-ups, and creating marketing and communications tools
  • Lobbied opinion leaders and developed speaking opportunities to generate a favorable environment for the company’s business
  • Got the company heard in MoF and FSA committees
  • Implemented M&A communications and supported investor-relations activities

As a result, the company

  • Raised its market profile and found its business model better recognized
  • Was positioned as a business sector leader both in Japan and globally
  • Obtained hybrid and favorable media coverage
  • Avoided being treated as an “invasive species” company
  • Established and strengthened favorable relations with media leadership through regular meetings