Global Real Estate Service Provider


  • Developed a comprehensive communications plan, including key messages, positioning, and mission statement, and produced marketing materials and a company profile
  • Implemented specific media programs in line with each department’s business targets and business strategies
  • Developed speaking opportunities at seminars and symposiums
  • Utilized IFC’s network of major real-estate companies to support the client’s business objectives
  • Established an internal system to manage reputation risk

As a result, the company

  • Gained increased recognition and better understanding of its business in Japan, as demonstrated in media coverage and target-audience inquiries
  • Successfully developed client awareness through published articles and television coverage
  • Was recognized in Japan as a global real estate service provider
  • Established good relations with its business partners, including financial institutions, business corporations, and industry groups
  • Avoided negative coverage during the financial crisis and maintained its credibility with Japanese media and corporations