Japanese PE Fund


  • Developed and executed entire communications and lobbying programs to position client as a leading Japan-focused buyout firm in Japan.
  • Established relationships and access to Japanese institutional investors such as Government Pension Investment Fund and Yucho Bank for the client’s fund raising.
  • Developed, implemented and integrated media activities with focus on influential publications web site.
  • Supported alliance opportunities for co-funding and new fund with Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid.
  • Established reliable relationships with an influential legislators to propose utilization of PE funds  for public pension fund management and Yucho/Kanpo money investment.
  • Developed and executed an IR program including support funding for investors.

As a result, the company

  • Managed the negative tone of media reports criticizing that “funds are acquiring Japan.”
  • Established client’s position as a leading Japan-focused buyout fund to value-up Japanese companies through a global investment viewpoint.
  • Established client CEO as an influential opinion leader among PE funds.
  • Developed a positive trend toward use of some Japanese public monies in PE funds and Yucho money among legislators, policy makers and ministerial officers.