Experience and Results

Of course we can implement your plans. But we are not just a do-it shop. IFC does the research and provides the advice you need to create effective PR strategies, plans, and programs. We have worked as advisors to business leaders and communications managers and have functioned as external communications offices for all our clients to date.
IFC is a persuasion leader with long-standing contacts within FSA, BoJ, MoF, and a wide range of institutional investors in Japan. As a result, we have a solid record of accomplishment. For example:

  • IFC negotiated the opening of the JGB brokers’ broker market.
  • IFC was first to introduce Public Finance Infrastructure (PFI)/Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Japan, triggering its market growth.
  • IFC contributed to a major US insurance group’s entry into Japan and the widespread acceptance of its Life-Planner business model and other new products and service.
  • IFC succeeded in opening the Japanese market for the German covered bond, highly rated covered bonds listed on Europe’s largest bond market, and extended its institutional investor market to cover MoF, Public Pension, NPFA, Japan Post, life insurance companies, and banks.
  • IFC supported the adaption of corporate governance (external audit/independent directors) through its involvement in drawing up a white paper and its stewardship for UK investment management firm, the largest UK pension fund manager, in Japan.
  • IFC orchestrated a positive reception for a major US Asset Manager in Japan through strategic PR and the active utilization of the media.
  • IFC lobbied and worked the media in 2013 to promote long-taboo the largest Public Pension's investment management reforms that will broaden the scope of the largest Public Pension's investment.
  • IFC committed to J-REIT of a leading logistics property firm listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (a being a leading logistics property firm leading global provider of modern logistics facilities) and assisted in establishing a leading logistics property firm image in Japan.